Demand for private label has seen a steady increase globally and is currently experiencing an all-time high in Europe. 17 European countries market share for private label stands at 30% or more.

In response to the record number of new and existing businesses who are investing in their own private label programs to counter competition from online and ecommerce competitors, Vitelle offers EU ready skin care that opens the door to custom branding for Doctors and Medical Spa Practices.

With 20+ years’ experience formulating and manufacturing for a diverse group of professional brands, Vitelle brings to market INCEPTION MD. This collection offers a comprehensive range of products catered to patients visiting clinical practices. INCEPTION MD contains powerful loading values of Peptides, Vitamins and advanced skin conditioning ingredients that optimize skin health and radiance.

As a Vitelle Labs Private Label Customer purchasing INCEPTION MD in the European Union, your turn-key startup program will include product registration and notification undertaken by our in-house formulation chemist team. The typical costly registration, testing and safety assessments that are required and often overwhelming for smaller practices have already been completed. We collaborate on every step of your start-up so your new branded collection can be legally sold in your home country.

Our graphic designers fully customize your product labels so you can launch with a unique marketing concept. Our small run in-house printing process opens the door to significant content flexibility which is particularly desirable for those businesses that require multi-lingual content.

We have helped hundreds of clients launch and grow professional brands. Our expertise in formulation and marketing of skin care is one very good reason to take a first step.  Vitelle is known for exceptional quality, natural-source formulations synergistically enhanced with intensive concentrations of cosmeceuticals.