Prepping the Canvas – Pre-treatment Rituals for Optimizing Laser Treatments

The seasonality of certain aesthetic treatments, such as laser resurfacing, often results in a decrease in bookings in the summer months, however, it typically picks up in the winter when there is less ambient UV exposure.  Many practices offer special packages and promotions during the winter which encourages clients to take advantage of these more seasonally aligned treatments.   With the advancements and innovation in the laser based treatments, practices have a wide range of devices to choose from. There is often a tendency to rely on devices alone to enhance skin condition but there are other ways to set [...]

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Traditionally harmless, pigmentation can cause its sufferers an overwhelming sense of despair on how to effectively treat it.  Before entering the world of skincare, I did not know all of the options that were available to me to help me with my own pigment. I would walk with my head down in order to not have to look at others directly, in fear they would notice my ever-spreading pigment.  What I realize now is that, most likely, my pigment would not be the first thing they would think of when looking at me.  But in my mind, I felt like [...]

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There is an emerging trend within the skincare industry from preventative, feel-good products to those that are corrective. The vast majority of anti-aging products have preventative qualities, however, the fact that they may prevent visible signs of aging does not mean they correct what has already deteriorated. To tackle the corrective component buyers often seek products that contain specific ingredients which deliver a targeted outcome. Many national skincare brands now offer products containing Growth Factors, powerhouse ingredients with many significant restorative benefits. Like an astronaut’s space suit or a diver’s wetsuit our skin acts like a layer of protection from [...]

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Before exploring the world of skin, there was so much I didn’t know. Understanding our largest organ played a key role in directing me to a healthy skin balance. Some of the mistakes I made are frequent misunderstandings among the general population. Here are my top three that will provide you with a little insight about what not to do and a basic understanding on why. Mistake #1 Guilty as charged when it comes to the “My night was better than yours” morning look! If only I knew the underlying truth of what was actually happening when I went to [...]

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Aleks Vranicic is a product development principal, master trainer, and vice president of sales and technical training at Vitelle Labs. Originally from Croatia, he is a third-generation, licensed aesthetician who holds a B.A. in business from PLNU in San Diego, California. Vranicic started his skin care career over 16 years ago working with his mother at her spa in Los Altos, California. It was there he witnessed, firsthand, the revenue opportunities attainable through private branding of skin care. Seeing the profound impact the increase in profit had on his mother’s life, it became his mission to help others become more [...]

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If you had a choice to grow your own business or grow someone else’s, which would you rather do? If your answer is, grow someone else’s business, then read no further and just turn the page. In this article I’ll be discussing how a single decision can change the course of your business and potentially improve your bottom line. In the skincare industry, like most industries, the internet has altered how commerce is conducted. There are hundreds of thousands of people competing in the same market so competition is, to say the least, challenging. Skincare practices are losing business, not [...]

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