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If you had a choice to grow your own business or grow someone else’s, which would you rather do? If your answer is, grow someone else’s business, then read no further and just turn the page. In this article I’ll be discussing how a single decision can change the course of your business and potentially improve your bottom line. In the skincare industry, like most industries, the internet has altered how commerce is conducted. There are hundreds of thousands of people competing in the same market so competition is, to say the least, challenging. Skincare practices are losing business, not [...]

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Now I know what you are thinking! But, allow me to shed some light on the topic of the role seduction plays in helping you generate more referral business. In the context of business, seduction has nothing to do with sexual attraction or leading someone astray and has everything to do with enticing your customers to think about you even when they are no longer in your establishment. If you are a business owner or service provider it’s always nice when someone comes to see you based on a kind endorsement from an existing customer. Businesses love to grow their [...]

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As multicellular organisms, we have bodies comprised of cells that require proper communication in order to carry out natural processes and maintain vitality. Communication, within and between these cells, occurs through the exchange of lipids, protein/peptides, or even gases. Of these, communication using proteins/ peptides is of special significance due to its flexibility and specificity, as well as involvement in important cell processes such as wound healing, pigmentation, cell proliferation/migration, inflammation, and cell structure synthesis and regulation (Alberts, 2014). Both protein and peptides are chains of amino acids, with peptides being of smaller size (less than 50 amino acids) than [...]

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In less than a decade the internet has created significant changes to the skin care industry. From the way you learn about new products to how you promote and sell your business services, the professional market is more connected than ever before. Through tweets and posts, information is so accessible, immediate and easy to share that it is impossible to ignore the significant impact the internet has had on our lives and our industry. Another reality of this new era is that skin care consumers can purchase almost every type of product online. Spa quality product shopping is no longer [...]

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