The skin is the largest organ and a mirror to the health of the body. What we eat directly affects how well the other body systems function. When the body is not in balance the skin suffers. The following foods can play a big role in keeping the skin looking its best.


Raw Cacao

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Consuming chocolate that contains at least 70% cacao is great for the skin. Cacao is not the same as its sugar laden counterpart cocoa. Cacao is a purer form of chocolate and much less processed than cocoa powder. Dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants, which help fight free radical damage. Free radicals can cause premature aging. Keep in mind when selecting a dark chocolate that the higher the cacao percentage, the higher the antioxidant content. Choose the highest percentage you can while still enjoying your chocolate.



Berries especially blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and are a high source of Vitamin C which is critical for collagen formation. Collagen is one of the components that keeps the skin firm and smooth. A lack of collagen can cause the skin to sag and develop wrinkles. Berries are also among the fruits that have the lowest sugar content. Excess sugar even from natural sources can cause insulin to spike within the body. Excess insulin can exacerbate skin conditions like acne.


Wild Salmon

Wild salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids, which help fight inflammation within the body. Many skin conditions are linked to inflammation including eczema and psoriasis. Omega 3’s also help moisturize from the inside out keeping the skin looking vibrant and supple.


Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are chocked full of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy glowing skin. Eating your greens also helps to support the proper functioning of the liver which aids in detoxification. If the liver is over loaded with toxins the skin tries to pick up the slack as a secondary path for toxins to leave body. This can result in skin conditions including acne.


Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Yams and sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A aids with cell and tissue growth, which is essential for glowing skin. Vitamin A has also been known to help prevent sun damage, which is one of the main causes of aging skin.



Deanna Cocchia

Deanna Cocchia

Office Manager, Licensed Esthetician

Vitelle Labs