Prepping the Canvas – Pre-treatment Rituals for Optimizing Laser Treatments

The seasonality of certain aesthetic treatments, such as laser resurfacing, often results in a decrease in bookings in the summer months, however, it typically picks up in the winter when there is less ambient UV exposure.  Many practices offer special packages and promotions during the winter which encourages clients to take advantage of these more seasonally aligned treatments.   With the advancements and innovation in the laser based treatments, practices have a wide range of devices to choose from. [...]

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Traditionally harmless, pigmentation can cause its sufferers an overwhelming sense of despair on how to effectively treat it.  Before entering the world of skincare, I did not know all of the options that were available to me to help me with my own pigment. I would walk with my head down in order to not have to look at others directly, in fear they would notice my ever-spreading pigment.  What I realize now is that, most likely, my pigment [...]

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There is an emerging trend within the skincare industry from preventative, feel-good products to those that are corrective. The vast majority of anti-aging products have preventative qualities, however, the fact that they may prevent visible signs of aging does not mean they correct what has already deteriorated. To tackle the corrective component buyers often seek products that contain specific ingredients which deliver a targeted outcome. Many national skincare brands now offer products containing Growth Factors, powerhouse ingredients with many [...]

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By now most aesthetic professionals are very familiar with hyaluronic acid (HA) as an ingredient in skincare products. Within the last several years hyaluronic acid has also become a popular buzz word with shoppers even if they have a difficult time pronouncing Hi-la-ron-ic Acid. Consumers may not know what HA is exactly but they definitely want it in their products. As the demand for hyaluronic acid grows for both the professional and non-professional markets its good to gain a [...]

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As multicellular organisms, we have bodies comprised of cells that require proper communication in order to carry out natural processes and maintain vitality. Communication, within and between these cells, occurs through the exchange of lipids, protein/peptides, or even gases. Of these, communication using proteins/ peptides is of special significance due to its flexibility and specificity, as well as involvement in important cell processes such as wound healing, pigmentation, cell proliferation/migration, inflammation, and cell structure synthesis and regulation (Alberts, 2014). [...]

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