In my day to day role I have been blessed with frontline start-up experience with a wide variety of skincare brands. From start-ups to big national brands, each customer has their own vision and expectations, and it’s been interesting to witness this first hand because everyone has their own idea of what ‘good’ looks like.  Along the way I’ve learned a few things, some tips you might say, that I believe can result in a more successful result. Here are a few key takeaways that might help you reach your goals!

Define “Your” Success

Success is a subjective term, it isn’t necessarily the same for everyone. It’s the goal you reach for but it could be a money goal or having your favourite celebrity endorse your product as a “must have”. One useful exercise is to consider and identify what success means to you so you can take steps toward it and know when you get there. As you accomplish milestones or your end goal, you can revisit success and recalibrate it, but it’s important to establish a goal in the beginning because you can’t shoot for a star that isn’t there.

Investments are not always about money

When you hear the word “investment” the most obvious example that comes to mind is money. However, there are other equally essential elements to consider that can impact your brand achievement, like time. I found those who spend time evaluating and selecting the right products for their practice, and then brainstorming how to implement and execute the introduction of those products into their brand identity, encountered the greatest growth and success. It’s a fundamental of a well-considered plan, to spend time developing a blueprint to guide you in your journey.

Don’t lose sight of why you began your journey

They say ‘challenge builds character’ and often in business challenge is the impetuous that moves us in a direction we did not intend or forsee. Sometimes what seems like the worst possible situation is actually the starting point for a journey to a remarkable opportunity. The passion and desire that led you to a career in skincare and your desire to deepen your relationship with your customers through branded products is something you should not fear. Whatever the short term challenges may be try not to lose sight of the big picture, there may be a setback here or there but with a positive mindset you are equipped to overcome it.

Stand behind your brand

Through my discussions with different brand owners, both established and potential, one of the most distinctive attributes I notice that helps fuel success is passion. Successful entrepreneurs are confident, they believe in their business and they truly want to make a positive difference.  Whether you are preparing your website or educating your staff on your new skincare line, if your enthusiasm and passion come through it will be noticed. Due to numerous influencers and opinions on the internet and social media about skincare, ingredients and their efficacy, you may encounter a situation where your buyer is hesitant or confused. There may be moments where you can’t please everyone but if have done your homework, tested and personally evaluated your products and based on that positive assessment exhibit confidence, you can often turn that “negative” into a “positive” landing yourself a happy new customer!

Focus YOUR energy on the areas YOU specialize in and seek help for the rest.

You wouldn’t ask your dentist for home construction advice so there is no reason to think that you can handle all aspects of your new skincare business yourself unless you have a wide range of skills (which most of my clients do not). From business plans to financing, social media to website design, there are many areas that require consideration. One common mistake I’ve come across is the brand owner that wants to do it all. They end up spreading themselves too thin and the end result is poor. I strongly believe that you should focus your time on areas you are good at! If your budget allows, reach out to professionals who can help you bring your vision to reality. Using the resources around you will, in the long run, result in a more professional finished product and allow you to use your skills where they are most effective.

Loyalty will be one of your most valuable sales generators

It could be that your first few sales are the hardest because you haven’t sold your own branded skincare before, but as you build your own following of loyal customers it will become easier. You will quickly identify your top sellers and notice trends in buying which will inform you how to maximize your marketing dollars for the greatest return. I have noticed that clients are loyal if they feel they are getting the results they have been promised. Most new customers are cautious so they might start with one or two products, then come back every couple of months and add to their collection. Once you build trust you can build a long term relationship with your brand. Financially what this means for you is a steady stream of revenue you can count on. However financial gain isn’t your only benefit, loyal customers can also be a strong source of social media influencing and marketing potential because they know and love your brand. Your influencers won’t hesitate to share their feedback with their family, friends, colleagues or their social media connections. Happy clients can result in referrals and it’s possible for these referrals and loyal customers to generate even more revenue for your company than paid advertising.

To be successful you need to embrace challenge and make the most of your time, money and energy. Start this venture like you should each day, with passion and positivity, with this mindset you will find your road to success will be a great adventure!


Shanley Lal
Product Specialist/Esthetician
Vitelle Labs