Before exploring the world of skin, there was so much I didn’t know. Understanding our largest organ played a key role in directing me to a healthy skin balance. Some of the mistakes I made are frequent misunderstandings among the general population. Here are my top three that will provide you with a little insight about what not to do and a basic understanding on why.

Mistake #1
Guilty as charged when it comes to the “My night was better than yours” morning look! If only I knew the underlying truth of what was actually happening when I went to bed and woke up with a flawless foundation application still intact.

The realization only began with understanding the functionality of our pores. The activity of your pores is to not only for product absorption but also to help excrete oil to lubricate and protect your skin – forming an acid mantle. Sleeping with a blanket of makeup on prevents your sebum from completing its journey to your skin’s surface which results in congestion and can eventually lead to blemishes.

Through years of performing this skincare taboo I never stopped to visualize aside from my makeup what “else” was making its debut along with it on the surface of my skin. When you hear the phrase “Wash the day away” – it actually means to cleanse off everything you have encountered that day. That includes all the free radicals, pollutants and dirt particles you picked up along the way, go to sleep with you at night if you skip this essential step!


Mistake #2
Fitting into the Fitzpatrick Scale at a 5, I occupy skin that rarely burns from the sun and has lower risk for concerns like skin cancer compared to fairer tones. A day at the beach leaves me with a sun kissed glow – a blessing right?

Being “sun safe” to prevent damage in future years was never a concept that crossed my mind due to a shortfall in understanding the power of UV rays when it comes to skin and aging. Some of the most commons signs of premature aging as a result of sun exposure are fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Thankfully with a hint of education I was able to change the direction I was going on my skincare journey when it came to the glistening rays. Life moves at the speed of light but if you could delay aging by the application of sunscreen wouldn’t you? If you’d still like to achieve that sun kissed glow, opt for the kind that comes in a bottle instead – your secret is safe with me!


Mistake #3
My basic routine consisted of using a cleanser, an astringent to combat blemishes and an occasional quick scrub which at the time seemed to work wonderfully. So what if a freshly cleaned  face felt tight at first? At least my skin “looked” clear and I could count on the oil induced shine to be back again.

I wish I knew skipping a finishing product to avoid an oily complexion was actually causing me to produce excess oil. Comprehending the relationship of quenching dehydrated skin versus moisturizing dry skin provided insight that despite the excess oil, my skin was thirsty for hydration! Stripping all the oil off my face caused a panic for my oil glands causing them to work overtime to provide a layer of protection. A simple change of feeding my skin cravings with humectants, like hyaluronic acid, provided me the healthy skin harmony I was missing out on. Now I even catch myself indulging in a heavy cream at night as an extra treat.


Without background knowledge it can be difficult to address skin concerns and be confident you are taking the appropriate measures. Instead of skipping out on an important step, seek advice from your skincare professional to point you in the right direction.


Shanley Lal

Shanley Lal
Product Specialist/Esthetician
Vitelle Labs